Monday, June 22, 2009


My 2 cents..
He is a douche bag.
Isn't it a little early for the selfish phase of your life-the habitual "midlife crisis"? Isn't it great that his kids get to witness it in DVD and Blue ray? He sits there and every sentence is all me- me - me me- me.. whereas Kate is all about kids first.
Yup that's some home movies for ya.. where Daddy gets a beer gut then starts smoking, starts wearing skull t-shirts then grows musicians sideburns and for the icing? Gets earrings in both his ears? Mommy gets a gift of a Moped and decides to donate it for charity- while Daddy decides he should have a 20,000 motorcycle to keep for himself?
He must have have really fooled Kate as his future wife- and from what we have heard his Dad was great- bet his Dad would be proud.
I am mad that yet another father is leaving his family for selfish reasons.
He doesn't deserve those kids.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fun with FarmChicks

I know why the caged cake sings... ( perhaps this is to protect the cake from being eaten- or blowing someones diet)

I wanted this wreath so baaad

Yay, me n Seestor had a superfun time at the FarmChicks show. Its not really my design asthestic anymore ( I am into 60's mod and glam) but I can really appreciate seeing all the collectibles- that were items from my youth. If we had a dollar for every time we said- "remember having that?" "Oh that's like the one Mom had"..etc we would be paid for and on the plastic surgeons table by now.

Great call from an old freind today and it gave me hope and reminded me that I am not just a caregiver.. but a person too.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus 8 drama

I just don't get it.Are Americans really that stupid? Are they really that naive' that they believe everything the see on TV? The Jon n Kate drama has me irked to no end!
Thanks to my overworked body and pulled muscles I had to couch surf for a bit. I love kids and have watched J n K off and on- the kids are Adorable- and seeing those melt downs make a great snooze alarm for my biological clock. So I watched some of the marathon. I tried to be impartial and observatory.
I really don't think Kate is all that bad considering how overstressed she must have been to watch 8 kids all day everyday- no wonder she snapped at him- at times. He seemed to quickly take on the martyr role with his eye rolls and shoulder shrugging. Really if you watch she is often grateful for him and comments on how lucky she is to have him- and she stares at him adoringly. Sad to see that over - very sad.
With everyone up in arms and Jumping at the chance to join the fame game ( nice going supposedly caring motivated Aunt Jodi) ( how anyone can beleiev that idiot brother of the schoolteacher is Amazing) desperate for ratings I am really upset. Why the heck aren't they bringing up the Little People, The Duggars, The Hayes 12 and Octomomb for exploiting their children via the media? Huh - huh? Anybody?
Why had everyone chosen to publicly stone Kate and expect her to be perfect? You cannot tell me that all those people who jump on the train to chastise her have never been annoys at their spouse or taken care of 8 kids and had a short temper day- why do we expect her to be a saint- it is after all "reality tv".
Tabloids- you are a joke and I may have accidentally hid the mags with J n K cover stories in the grocery store behind Woodworker monthly- HAH!
Jon suck it up, grown the bleep up- and do everything you can to get your wife to take you back- your life could be so much worse and frankly someone ought to drop you off in a 3rd world country where you can watch a parent lose their child to starvation - maybe then you will learn about a little thing we call appreciation.
Leave these people alone America!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Gretchen SleepsWithAnyManSheComesAcrossi

While the photos from TMZ are enought to make one hurl- you have to admit.. the girl is fit.
I noticed in the photos of them on the boat that Slimey is wearing a necklace with a circle on the bottom, This looks very much like the microphones that everyone wore on the Bravo show "Working Out". Only there do not appear to be any cameras around them on said boat.
Now that Bravo has unleashed Gretchen's blog on Bravo ( it was been mysteriously down for some time) some new posts appeared that I didn't see before.
She backpedals on the whole hats at the races thing- and does mention that she and Tamra had a tiff- because an "exboyfriend had called Tamra in the night" very interesting and no wonder it wasn't available to see that often! It does point to her trying to cover her little tracks though.
I can understand if someone if so confused by grief and so lonely after watching a loved one die and having your dreams of marriage and a family vanish that you crave comfort. But Slade Slimey? Now more people are siting them everywhere!
People on the bravo blog are posting about seeing them at Laker games, fashion shows etc- but nobody is saying anything about them being followed by a camera crew- too bad, I was holding on to the fact that she is only dating him for a show- I guess she really does have the worst taste in men!!!!

Drying out .. finally!

Well, not that anyone really noticed- but I have been away for a few weeks due to a little flood in the basement. Water softener hose blew and sprayed water for 4 hrs till the cycle was done. So many ruined things! Took a week of mopping and wringing out and an aching back to get it dealt with. Since the room never did get finished by the pappy- I've taken it upon myself to finish up the drywall in that room.

And of course knitting for my friend Lisa's new baby! Hats o plenty and a snuggly item. I really wish my hands would work all the time- there are too many fun things to make. This lil cupcake hat is for when she feels sassy ;0)
I have had a little time to catch new Real Housewives of Orange county Gossip!
Gretchen Rossi!!
Poor dear had to file a restraining order against Jay Photogloser- who just sounds like a nightmare! She states in her file that he has threatened her and her dogs with violence and continues to harass her etc.
He has allegedly had restraining orders or some domestic violence charges on the past.
Then new photos of her and Slade Slimey canoodling on a boat have surfaced! Say it isn't so!!!
I am sure it's no surprise to some seeing how he too was more concerned with making a TV show than being with his son who had a cancerous brain tumor.. birds of a feather.
I could understand if it was all for TV- but why does she keep picking such loser men? Is her self esteem so low that's all she thinks she deserves?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Still mad about the whole thing prev posted. Children are such an amazing gift. I get so upset when I hear about people squandering it. Its not enough that he has mounting debt- but then buys a swnky new bach pad in the same bldg as Johnny Depp before his house sells- the same house that went into foreclosure- whatever dude your parents must be so proud.

Back to my first love.. yarn
Just arrived today from ravelry pal- Moda Vera, Boulevard- it wool- its soy, its lofty, its purdy Valentines colors what more could I ask for?

Oh the Humanity

Oh Slade Slimey (Slade Smiley)- you truly are grotesque. It has now come to light that the reason for his arrest? His warrants are for outstanding child support & the medical bills of his 8 yr old son who for last few yrs fought a rare brain cancer."This is an unfortunate situation that has occurred," Smiley said. "My son is very ill and we have been working on resolving the issue of support versus his enormous medical bills with the appropriate agencies for several months now. It is sad that individuals would take advantage of the situation in an attempt to defame and discredit me in such a public manner. For those who know me, there is nothing more important than my children."Smiley, was released later that night after posting $10,000 bail.Mr. Smiley has (8) counts of contempt of court; failure to follow court orders related to back child support from 2005 and 2006 for his youngest son. He has never had full custody of his children.
So he has an extra 10 grand for bail- just not his sons medical bills or child support? I guess all that moohlah was better spent being seen at swanky restaurants dropping cash to the valet and impressing his one of the many Jo replicas as seen on TMZ or E. UGHUnfreaking believable that people like this are allowed to have kids! Also disgusting is the implication that because he was arrested in Costa Mesa- and Gretchen happens to live in Costa Mesa ( supposedly) was arrested at Gretchen's house. There have been tons of rumors that he shopping Bravo to have a show about he and Gretchen getting together.
Knowing now that his son was sick- this model parent chose to have the kid participate on Daddy's grasp at 10 min of fame. I feel sick at the episode where Jo is frustrated and complaining about said child after dragging him throughout the store so they can go to the beach- what kinda monsters are these people?
Someone with wayyy too much time on their hands is posting under photoglou- if its the real guy- soo pathetic- if its someone pretending to be him? immature pathetic!

Gaads why is so darn hard to believe that a pretty gal would go for a not so pretty guy?
As someone who has dated a few successful men- I can say- it aint what they look like- its all about their confidence that makes them attractive!