Monday, June 22, 2009


My 2 cents..
He is a douche bag.
Isn't it a little early for the selfish phase of your life-the habitual "midlife crisis"? Isn't it great that his kids get to witness it in DVD and Blue ray? He sits there and every sentence is all me- me - me me- me.. whereas Kate is all about kids first.
Yup that's some home movies for ya.. where Daddy gets a beer gut then starts smoking, starts wearing skull t-shirts then grows musicians sideburns and for the icing? Gets earrings in both his ears? Mommy gets a gift of a Moped and decides to donate it for charity- while Daddy decides he should have a 20,000 motorcycle to keep for himself?
He must have have really fooled Kate as his future wife- and from what we have heard his Dad was great- bet his Dad would be proud.
I am mad that yet another father is leaving his family for selfish reasons.
He doesn't deserve those kids.

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  1. I think she's quite the crab, myself. Shame on both of them for putting the paycheck in front of the kiddy-winkies. And shame on the viewers for encouraging it.